#unserBerlHG | Our Berlin Higher Education Act

The Berlin Higher Education Act is being reformed. Education. Democracy. Diversity

Despite the contact ban and corona crisis, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Berlin government has been working on a new Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG) for some time. We have not been idle and have networked throughout Berlin.

Together with the other Student Committees in Berlin, we have been working on this topic for one and a half years and have presented a list of demands from the perspective of the students last summer. In this way we try to bring our topics and our perspective to the political arena. Our core demand: Finally take us seriously. We students know what we need in our studies. We also know best how racism, sexism & co. affect us or our fellow students in teaching and beyond and which tools and offers of assistance we need.

The Berlin Higher Education Act currently regulates almost all the basic principles on which the university is organized and with which our studies work - e.g. university admission, study conditions, examination law, but also democratic participation and protection against discrimination. Now there is a chance to improve our life at the university. You can find the demands we have worked out so far under this link:


Our fear, however, especially in situation of crisis, is that, due to constraints, the BerlHG will not be modernized enough to meet the requirements of the new decade. That is why we want to put pressure on those responsible to ensure that this window of opportunity for the new regulation is not missed and that the necessary changes enter into force in good time. Now is the time to make it clear to the Senate and the Members of Parliament what we as students need in order to obtain a good education!

For this purpose we will publish demands under the hashtag #unserBerlHG (our BerlHG) these days, because it is our studies that are regulated by the Berlin Higher Education Act. We invite you to use this hashtag for your wishes and problems at the university. Write to the Secretary of State and the members of parliament why we need change now and why we shouldn't wait another 10 years. As students, we know many problems from our normal everyday life at the university.


This article is part of the AStA-Newsletter April 2020

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