The free Federal Association of the General Student Committees of Berlin

LandesAstenKonferenz Berlin, short LAK Berlin, is the free Federal Association of the General Student Committees of Berlin.

Representatives from Berlin's General Student Committees regularly meet to discuss current developments in Berlin higher education and research politics. Throughout the LAK the General Student Committees coordinate and develop their political position towards Berlin's Senate, the Confederate political level and the public, such as in the case of parliamentary hearings in the commission for science and research within the Berlin federal parliament.

The LAK networks continuously with initiatives, unions and other actors within the higher education and science political sphere. There is also a regular exchange with the federal associations of General Student Committees of other German federal states.

Aim of the LAK is to represent the interest of Berlin student's and constitutive student body's in a coordinated and effective manner. The LAK seeks to influence relevant political developments in the general interest of the sonstitutive student bodys.

You can find a list of all General Student Committees here. 


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