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Situation des AStA während Corona

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The general student committee is informing about its measures to help lower the spread of the covid19 virus. We will continually update the page as new information is being published.

The operation of the universities in Berlin is highly impaired at the moment. Current information from the “Freie Universität” can be found on this page:

31st of March 2020

The registration for courses using the Campus Mangement System which was supposed to start tomorrow has been postponed until the 8th of April. Please check this page for future updates:

27th of March 2020

The public transport rules for students have been updated. This is valid until the 30th of April:

From today on you as a student are allowed to use the public transport, if you carry a certificate of matriculation that is up to date with you. This has to be in print form and you will need to show either a student ticket, which is valid for wintersmester 2019/20 or a photo ID with you. The press release of th public transport authorities is found here: (german only)

The LAK has published information and helpful links for students in Berlin (unfortunately only in german).

The counselings will continue to be available via email. Some of the counselings have started phone helplines already. Please contact the counseling via email and leave your number, if you want to be called back. You can find the respective contact information at

20th of March 2020

It has been announced, that student tickets for public transport, that have been validated in the wintersemester 2019/20 will be valid until the 30th of April without further validation. You must have a valid certificate of enrolment with you, either in print or on your smartphone.

This is a good first step too prevent queues at the validation machines. But students, who have been enrolled for the summer semester starting now an do not possess a campus card are supposed to buy tickets when using public transport. For students returning from a semester spent abroad there is no regulation yet.

In this highly inadequate regulation, we miss the "goodwill" that has been announced by VBB. We demand a permanent, fair and sanitary solution for all students!

16th of March 2020

The AstA-mansion and the semesterticket-bureau are closed from today on until at least the 20th of April 2020.

Counseling will continue to be available via email. Some of the counselings will start phone helplines in the coming days. Please contact the counseling via email. You can find the respective contact information at

Finance plenaries and the payment hours (“Kassenstunde”) will not be held for now. Technical equipment can still be borrowed from the media workshop after consultation via email.

We are committed to ensuring that students are not disadvantaged by the current situation. This concerns BaFöG and exams but also to visa matters. The LandesAstenKonferenz (LAK [ger]) also provides information on this topic. Further information will follow shortly.

Neighbourhood initiatives have been founded in almost every Berlin district, organising, for example, shopping for people in self quarantine or childcare. You can find a chat group, certainly also in your area here: [ger]

Please follow the general hygiene recommendations, such as regular hand washing, not only in the case of neighbourhood assistance. The FU Berlin also runs a FAQ on health issues regarding the coronavirus (

Currently some employers try to limit employees' rights. If you are affected by attempts to terminate your employment contract or add strange things to it, do not sign anything without seeking further advice. This crisis must not be used to undermine existing law.


Stay healthy and #flattenthecurve


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