Counselling for BIPoC Students and International Students

The various educational policies that are widely established and enforced in Berlin and Germany, result in discriminatory practices in admission to German  as well as in enrollment within German institutions of higher learning. Students with non-European passports suffer from stricter conditions for admission to study, enforced through intransparent and subjective recognition practices. Arbitrary educational certificates are required from foreign students by the private association Uni-Assist. This perpetuates the systematic exclusion of non-German students from German universities. These exclusions continue to be exercised in university systems and are visible through the questionable study preparation courses and the insufficient offers of accessible language courses. Furthermore, there is a great lack of competent counseling services and counsellors for BIPoC students who experience discrimination and racism at the university.

Office Hours

Counseling for BIPoC students and International students currently takes place via e-mail on Mondays and Tuesdays. Telephonic consultations are only available by appointment via e-mail.

  • Monday 10:00 - 14:00
  • Tuesday 09:00 -14:00

We currently do not offer on-site counselling.

  • Due to the Corona pandemic, the counselors are currently only available by email. However we also offer telephonic counseling. To arrange a telephonic session, please send us an email requesting one with hours that are most convenient for you. Please also include a contact number where you can be reached.

Please note that during vorlesungsfreien Zeit (lecture free period), Counselling only takes place once a week.

Additionally to the student counselling services around acceptance, enrollment and studies,  we are also able to provide counselling - together with  the No Border Camp Berlin, around issues and general questions around residence law and issues with the Immigration office. 

Make an appointment via email:  nobordercampberlin_reloaded (at)

More information about time and place of the legal consultation can be found at:



Phone: Only possible via e-mail arrangements 
E-mail: ris (at)