FLTI* sports courses

Currently the AStA offers the following sports courses for students:


[TransInterQueer]* sports

Dynamic self-defence training

Always new challenges!

With different exercises we work on perception, dealing with stress in conflict situations and on mental and physical flexibility. It is about decision-making ability, about the fact that every conflict situation requires a quick perception and your solution-oriented consistent action. Also to use aggressions purposefully in order to get out of a dangerous situation as unharmed as possible can be developed by an appropriate training. Start at any time! Open to all those for whom Trans* Inter* and Queer* are not unknown words.Das Logo der Gruppe Tiger Tabs: Eine weiße Tatze auf blauem Grund

This we offer:

Monday 18 to 19:30h - Mariannenarena, Mariannenstrasse 47

Mondays 17 to 19h in Potsdam, Freiland Theaterraum

Payment depends on the room and financial situation of the participants. Regular participation 12,50-20 Euro at discretion, otherwise small donation 2-4 Euro per training. Generally donations are welcome and for workshops we usually provide additional fee contracts.

Please register in advance by mail: tigertabs@systemli.org


Muay Thai Thaiboxing (Workshops)

Muay Thai Thaiboxing consists of punching, kicking, elbow and knee techniques, it may be clinched, is very effective and simply looks good. In a sympathetic Trans/Inter/Queer group it is not about competition or rivalry, but about partnership and sweaty training.

Open to all those who are familiar with trans* inter* and queer*.

If you are interested in a workshop, then get in touch with us: tigertabs@systemli.org

We look forward to seeing you.

The sport is offered by the group TigerTabs and supported by the [LesBiTransInterA]* department AStA FU Berlin


Krav Maga

We train self-defense. In addition to learning self-defence techniques, we mainly practice dealing with stress and train how to recognize and behave in potentially dangerous situations. In contrast to comparable commercial offers, however, the focus here is on having fun training in a relaxed atmosphere and respectful cooperation. We are a mixed-gender group. The training takes place on

Tuesdays 19:00 - 21:00 

Galile@ Café in der Silberlaube, Otto-von-Simson-Straße 26, 14195 Berlin, 1. OG 

You do not need any previous knowledge or special equipment. If required, the training can also be held in English. Any discriminatory behavior has no place in our training!

No registration needed.