AStA FU has multiple technical equipment for student events. You can borrow them free of charge. For some of the things we take a deposit. You can send your request via email at the following adress :

In your email, please write:

- who you are

- what you want to borrow

- when you want to borrow the things and when you want to bring them back

- where your event takes place

- a short description of your event

Here is a list of things we can provide

Please write encrypted!. 0x6B7CA9CA pgp-key
Fingerprint: 3820 E238 5405 7943 D663 EFC7 F7D2 FD4C 6B7C A9CA

We do not have fixed office hours, it is therefore not possible to come uninvited to pick up or return equipement.

To borrow equipement from us, you need to send first of all an email, get a confirmation from us and a date of borrowing and return. Then only can you come pick up what you need for your event! 

Meeting point: The Media workshop is not located at our main house (AStA FU Otto-von-Simson-Stra├če 23, 14195 Berlin). Let us know if you don't know how to get to our workshop, we will provide you with all the informations when your booking is done.

We don't read the emails 24/7, so please send your requests sufficiently early.

We don't provide support for the transport. You have to carry the things yourself, so bring enough people to help.

Looking forward to receive your requests!