Queerfeminist library

In our small but mighty queerfeminist library you can find books and magazines on different topics. There is also a list with the already assigned keywords, but since we currently don't have an online database it's not very helpful at the moment.

Some books are already quite old, but can certainly be interesting for historical developments. We are also trying to order more up-to-date books soon. If you would like to see or borrow specific books from our library, please let us know. We will take your requests into consideration when ordering new books.

Currently, we are also working on creating a list of all available books. However, this is a lot of work. Therefore, if you are interested in specific books or topics, please write us an email (qs-peerfem [at] astafu.de) and we will check what is available for you. Or just come by during the consultation hours of the queerfeminist peer support or the general ASTA opening hours. The peer support may be able to help you with more specific questions.


The library is located in the Pinky, a safer space for FLINTA*(1) people. If you are a dya (2) cis (3) male and want to borrow something, please contact us in advance so that no FLINTA* people are disturbed.



The library is located in the room of the [LesBiTransInterA]* department on the second floor of the AStA-Villa and is therefore only accessible via many steps. As a temporary compromise we can offer that you mail us which book(s) you want to have, we then check if they are there and hand them over for example downstairs in the entrance area of the AStA.

(1) FLINTA* is an acronym for female, lesbian, inter*, non-binary, trans* and agender people. 

(2) Dya(dic) or endosex describes the congruence of biological characteristics with respect to the construct of sex (female/male). The characteristics used for classification are chromosomes, hormones, gonads, and genitalia. If these (based on medical standards) all point to the same sex, a person is endo. The opposite of this is inter*.

(3) You are cis(gender) if you identify with the gender assigned to you at birth (the opposite is trans*).