Application for grant to the Semesterticket

What is a grant for the Semesterticket

If you have difficulties to pay the semester fee due to low income or other social or financial hardship reasons (single parent, disability...), you can apply for a subsidy from the social fund.

If the application is approved, a subsidy in the amount of the ticket fee will be reimbursed, and you can continue to use the ticket.
Attention: When re-registering for the semester, the full fee must always be paid. Subsidies can only be approved afterwards

Who is eligible for a grant?

All students are eligible.

  • who have transferred the semester ticket fees
  • to whom at least one of the hardship reasons applies.
  • whose income does not exceed their needs
  • who have no savings/assets of ≥5000€ at their disposal.

Recognized cases of hardships

  • Low income (monthly income is less than 80% of monthly need).
  • Thesis
  • Internship
  • Restricted work permit
  • Increased costs for medical or psychological care
  • Single parent
  • Social assistance or benefits according to SGB II or SGB XII
  • Pregnancy
  • Bafög
  • Integration assistance
  • Completion of the 65th year of life
  • In individual cases, other comparable(!) hardships

Submit application

Download PDF form

The signed application can be submitted by mail or e-mail, see contact. Applications are available in the office and can be completed and handed in during office hours. When submitting an application by mail, the postmark is decisive with regard to deadlines.

As a rule, supporting documents do not have to be sent along with the application: When we start processing the applications, we will make a list of supporting documents for each application and request them by mail.

Application deadlines and processing status


SoSe 24

Applications for the summer semester 2024 can be submitted from 01.02.2024.
Regular applications for SoSe 2024 can be submitted until 31.03.2024.
Applications of first semesters can be submitted until 13.05.2024.

WiSe 2024/25

Applications for the winter semester 2024/25 can be submitted from 1.07.2024 

Regular applications for winter term 2024/25 can be submitted until 30.09.2024 

Applications of first semesters can be submitted until 11.11.2024 


Calculation period

all proof of your reasons for hardship with which you submit the application must originate from the respective calculation period:

Summer semester normal students:              October to February

Summer semester first-year students:           November to March


Winter semester normal students:                 March to July

Winter semester first-year students:             May to September