The AStA FU's in-house printery can print posters, flyers, stickers or brochures for university political events - everything up to a size of A2.

How do I print at the AStA Printery?

  1. Make sure you read the HowTo. It explains everything step by step.

  2. Print application: You can fill out the print application in the AStA office and hand it in at the latest on the Friday before the financial plenary session, where you will present it in person. Student Initiatives can contact the department of Student Initiatives for further information or to present the application.

  3. Printing date: If your print application has been approved, you should call the printery as soon as possible to arrange a printing date and discuss all details of your print application.

  4. If you have finished layouts or questions about the layout, please contact the media room of the RefRat of the HU (see below). There, your templates will be processed into printable data and then forwarded to the printery.

Printery Consultation Hour

Do you have questions about colour design, page numbers, your printing application or simply the whole process? Then come to the printing consultation hour. There you can discuss all questions about the technical and organisational process in the presence of our printers. A previous registration is not necessary.

The printery consultation hour is every two weeks, parallel to the financial plenary session, at 15:30 - 17:30 in the financial department of the AStA FU.

Contact to the printery of the AStA FU

Kelchstraße 31
12169 Berlin

Approach with public transport: S 25 Südende, S 2 Atillastraße, Bus 282 Hünefeldzeile

Consultation hours by telephone

Monday 11 - 15 Uhr
Friday 11- 15 Uhr

Phone: (030) 838 529 47
Fax: (030) 838 471 582

Contact to the media room of the RefRat of the HU:

Monbijoustr. 3
10117 Berlin

For appointments and the link to the data upload please write an (if possible encrypted) email to:

medien (at)

GPG-Key | Fingerprint: 6511 A12C BEF4 C337 6018 5577 3DC2 55E3 FC78 B449