Demands by the General Assembly on 23.11. "Gemeinsam gestalten, gemeinsam bestreiken! (Create together, strike together!)"

On 23 November 2023, the student general assembly "Gemeinsam gestalten, gemeinsam bestreiken" ("Create together, strike together"), took place, organized by TVStud FU Berlin and the AStA. The following are its demands:

1) University without Tutorials?
Together with students, student workers and scientific workers, the university should be disrupted to the maximum. Additionally, creative approaches to student teaching should be tried. We want to find good agreements as to not interfere with one another.

2) More Democracy at the Uni
The existing possibilities for democratic participation should be fully used! We are against the lack of financial support for colleges, schools and all places of education! We demand immediate implementation of quarter-parity in all committees of the university, and the control of the uni in the hands of its workers! We want to pair the TVStud-strike with political demands!

3) Fighting Discrimination!
A Right to Good Work and Teaching for all!
We strike for a Uni without Outsourcing, without barriers of enrollment or language barriers, for a Uni with strong institutions against discrimination, high wages and a basic provision for all!

4) New Forms of Working (together)
Student solidarity with the strike! Implementing all demands through all available means! Transindustrial strikes! We demand solid democratic structures for voting about strike-results. We demand the creation of committees-for-action across all status groups! There should be political demonstrations on strike-days.

5) Teaching instead of Carreers
We demand more public funds, more control over the distribution of these funds and a civil clause. Teaching and Research should be prioritized equally. Student participation should be made possible in all matters of teaching, also by compensation for voluntary participation. We demand quality in teaching instead of efficiency - abolish the standard period of study! We demand permanent positions and good, equal pay of all teachers!