Information regarding the 9€ ticket for students!

Concerning the refund:

  1. All students will receive a credit of 69,9€ in their student account on June 15th (start of re-registration). This means that they can re-register for the winter semester with a semester ticket fee reduced by this amount.
    Exempt from this are:
    1. Students who have been exempted in advance for the SoSe22 by the student administration.
    2. Students who have been exempted from paying the semester or semester ticket fee up to the present time for/during SoSe22.
    3. Students who have been exempted for the coming months of June, July, August, the credit for the 9€-ticket will be deducted proportionally.
  2. All students who have applied for de-registration will be refunded the 69,90€ via the de-registration application forwarded to us by the student administration. This applies both to those who withdraw during the current SoSe22 and to those who withdraw at the end of the SoSe22. This means that it is important that ALL those who are exmatriculating provide their account details on the application. If you leave the university at the end of July, for example, the 9€-ticket will be refunded proportionally to the number of months you have used it.
  3. All students who are exmatriculated ex officio by the university must submit an extra refund application to us for the 9€ ticket. Please submit an application for exemption for SoSe22 to the Semesterticket office. Tick the application reason "Other" and note in the empty field behind it "Exma ex officio to ....". You can find the application form here.
  4. The process of refunding for the 9 Euro ticket is currently ongoing. Due to the extra workload it might take longer than usual.
  5. Reimbursements for the ABC-Zusatzticket must be made through the VBB. We are not responsible for this