Information on Semestertickt for summer semester 2024

Current information about the Semesterticket for summer term 2024


You will receive the semester ticket in the summer semester 2024 as a discounted nationwide Germany semester ticket for €181.40 per semester (€176.40 ticket, €5 contribution to the social fund). The draft contract for the Deutschlandsemesterticket provides for fundamental changes to the groups of people who are entitled to the Deutschlandsemesterticket.

The following groups of people are not entitled to a ticket and are excluded from using the Deutschlandsemesterticket:

- Doctoral students

- Distance learning students

- Students in continuing education Master's degree programs

All other students who are full-time students at the FU receive the ticket! Also people with a firm ticket. 

The following exceptions apply to: 

Exemptions from the Deutschlandsemesterticket: 

The following groups of people can! be exempted from the Deutschlandsemesterticket:

1. students who spend at least three consecutive months of the respective semester outside the area of validity of the Deutschlandsemesterticket for study-related reasons

2. students who are enrolled at two universities with a Deutschlandsemesterticket can be reimbursed at one university

3. for students who are demonstrably enrolled more than one month after the start of the semester, are exmatriculated in the current semester, withdraw their enrolment, are granted a leave of absence with retroactive effect in the current semester or are demonstrably so seriously ill in the current semester that they would be entitled to a semester of leave of absence

4. students who are unable to use public transportation due to their disability. This also includes temporary disabilities if they also preclude the use of local public transport for the semester. The requirements must be proven by a medical certificate.

5. students who are taking a semester off. The fee must first be paid, only then can you submit an application for exemption to us.

Non-use of the semester ticket is not a reason for exemption! reason for exemption!

Unfortunately students who study part time are not eligible for an exemtion anymore. 


Campus Card:

The Campus Card will continue to be used as a

- student ID card,

- library card and

- MensaCard

and must be validated to maintain its validity. However, it will no longer be valid as proof of the semester ticket. The new semester ticket will probably be available as a digital ticket, more detailed information is still pending. We will inform you in good time before the start of the semester.

Please refrain from sending questions by e-mail.

We would also like to point out that the exemption forms currently need to be revised due to changes to the contracts. The reasons for exemption on these forms are therefore not up to date. What is currently valid is what is written here on the website!


All statements without guarantee.









status from January 16th, 2024


Next week you will receive the re-registration request with a new amount for the semester ticket and a modified semester ticket.

Starting with the summer semester 2024, you will receive the semester ticket as a discounted Deutschlandticket that can be used for regional trains throughout Germany for 181,40 € per semester (176,40€ Ticket, 5,-€ social fund). The ticket will not be printed on the Campuscard as previously but can be obtained digitally. 

The conditions for using the ticket and the basis for exemptions from the semester ticket will change in the coming semester. For this reason, you cannot currently submit any exemptions to us.

We will keep you informed about further developments here. Please refrain from contacting us directly for the time being.

Unfortunately, doctoral students are excluded from the semester ticket for the summer semester 2024. You did not have to pay for the semester ticket when you re-registered this time. An alternative to the semester ticket is, for example, the 49-euro ticket. Please inform yourselves about this.


Current information about the 49€ ticket:

Update on the 49-Euro-Ticket from 02.10.2023

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to provide any information on the situation with the 49-€-ticket for the winter semester and ask for your patience. Please refrain from asking questions about this. We will publish news here as soon as they are known to us.


Update on the 49-Euro-Ticket from 2.08.2023

Students currently have the semester ticket until 09/30. In addition, there is the option to book the 49-Euro-Ticket for students at a reduced price of 13.95 €. This is possible via the following link:

The 49 -Euro-Ticket is not a reason for exemption, because it is an individual option to book the ticket.

For people who receive the 49-Euro-Ticket as a company ticket, an exemption with the reason "company ticket" is still possible.



Status 31.05.2023
As of 05/31/2023, Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) will provide students with an app-based upgrade to the Deutschlandticket for their existing semester ticket in the summer semester 2023.

To access and book this upgrade, the following access link is available:

Further information about the Deutschlandticket for students can be found on the VBB website:

We would like to inform you that there are data protection questions regarding the company that developed the app-based solution for the upgrade. As soon as we have more information, we will provide it here.

Furthermore, we as the AStA of the FU criticize the fact that there is no non-smartphone based possibility to upgrade the semester ticket.

Status 08.05.2023
The surcharge to the semester ticket will be 13.95 euros per month - so you can then travel nationwide on local trains and public transport. In the previous tariff area Berlin ABC of the Semesterticket, as before, the bicycle transport remains free of charge. The surcharge is calculated from the difference between the nominal price of the Semesterticket (35.05 euros) and the full price of 49 euros of the Deutschlandticket. In practical terms, the solution is even more favorable because Berlin's students, after deducting state subsidies in the current semester, had to pay 19.80 per month for their Semesterticket.

The upgrade is to be implemented by means of an app, which is to be available from June.
It will also be possible to upgrade the Semesterticket to a Deutschlandticket on a monthly basis.

More information can be found in the links below. One of them is the press release of the Berlin Senate.

Pressemitteilung des Senat Berlin:

Berlin und Brandenburg: 49-Euro-Ticket für Studenten kommt verspätet | rbb24

Current information about the refund of the 9€ ticket:

Current Informations

Status 04/25/2023
The payment of refunds for the 9-Euro Ticket for students who exmatriculated in the summer semester or were exmatriculated ex officio has been stopped since December 2022. The reason for this are various problems that have arisen in the settlement of the refunds with the VBB (Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg), which provides the money for the refunds, and the Studierendenwerk, which makes the transfers of the refunds for us. We are working hard to clarify the last technical details and hope to be able to process the remaining refund requests in near future. We therefore ask you to be patient and to refrain from further inquiries.

Concerning the refund:

  1. All students will receive a credit of 69,9€ in their student account on June 15th (start of re-registration). This means that they can re-register for the winter semester with a semester ticket fee reduced by this amount.
    Exempt from this are:
    1. Students who have been exempted in advance for the SoSe22 by the student administration.
    2. Students who have been exempted from paying the semester or semester ticket fee up to the present time for/during SoSe22.
    3. Students who have been exempted for the coming months of June, July, August, the credit for the 9€-ticket will be deducted proportionally.
  2. All students who exmatriculate via exmatriculation application will be refunded the 69,90€ via the exmatriculation application forwarded to us by the student administration. Both those who have exmatriculated during the current SoSe22 and those who have exmatriculated at the end of SoSe22. Please refrain from inquiring about the status of processing, we have a massively increased workload and will get back to you!
  3. All students who are exmatriculated ex officio by the university must submit an extra refund application to us for the 9€ ticket. Please submit an application for exemption for SoSe22 to the Semesterticket office. Tick the application reason "Other" and note in the empty field behind it "Exma ex officio to ....". You can find the application form here. Please also submit a copy of your exmatriculation certificate as proof! The deadline for submitting reimbursement requests is 03/31/2023.
  4. Reimbursements for the ABC-Zusatzticket must be made through the VBB. We are not responsible for this.