Categories of the library

AB: (Auto)Biographies


AL: alternative lifestyles, communities

AR: Work

AS: Sex work

ASE: Anti-Semitism

AT: abortion and self-determination

BE: "Disability"

BK: Relationships/ Communication

BP: Education/ Pedagogy

CO: Coming Out

COM: Comic

CY: Cyborg feminism

FB: Feminist and women's movements

FI: Film (Queer/Feminist)

FT: Feminist Theories

GE: Violence

SEG: sexualised violence + dealing with sexualised violence

GL: Globalisation

GS: Gender Studies

HE: Health

IN: intersectionality/interdependence

ISE: Intersexuality

ISL: Islam & Feminism

KA: Capitalism/ Economy

KdA: Critique of anti-feminism

KU: visual arts, architecture

LB: Lesbian and lesbian movements

LW: Literary Studies

MI: Migration

NS: National Socialism

NW: Gender and natural sciences

PoC: People of Color

PF: Pop feminism

PS: Psychology/ Therapy

PT: Postcolonial theory

QC: Queers of Color

QP: Queer practices

QT: Queer theories

RE: Law

RG: Travel and Guides

RK: Repression and prison

RP: Reproduction

RS: Religion/ Spirituality

RW: Racism/ Critical Whiteness

SG: Social sciences and humanities

TH: Theatre

TR: Trans*

UN: University (FU) Gender policy

WoC: Women of Color

Journals (current):


- An.strokes

- Ariadne

- At

- Clio

- femina politica

- Feminist Studies

- Fiber

- hugs and kisses

- Pink

other genres:

ZI: Zines

RO: Novels

KB: Children's books

MÄ: Girls' literature

KG: Short stories

G: Poems