Department of Gays (Schwulen*referat)

The Gay*department in the AStA of the FU is the political lobby of the gay, bisexual, trans* and queer students of this university. Every year we organize the Gay Assembly. We invite all trans*, gay, bisexual and queer students to elect their representatives there.

We meet regularly at the AStA Villa. Come to our meetings in the AStA-Villa (1st floor):

We will also publish the next dates on our Facebook page @SchwulenreferatAStAFU.

We organize events: 
- Lectures or workshops with SBTIQ topic
- Scene stroll (especially popular with first-time students)
- queer movie nights (Paris is Burning?)

During the counseling hours we offer:
- Information about life in the non-heteronormative community
- a small but excellent library
- If you are being discriminated against and want help, a first point of contact. We will help you!
- Information about Transition
- You can find more Information here.

In addition, we offer an archive of various gay publications (some of which are more than 30 years old!) to research assistants, doctoral students and students.
Please contact us and we will find a date! Or just come by for a chat, we have coffee! 

Many gays and bisexuals experience forced heterosexuality inside and outside the university. In addition, there are homophobic hostilities or violence. We are aware that there is also discrimination within the gay scene. The Department for Gay observes and fights these sexist, homophobic and racist basic structures and works on them in the university and in the department itself.

Please get in contact!

Ruf uns an, schreib uns eine Email, falls Du Beratung, Unterstützung oder Informationen zum queeren Leben möchtest. Wir danken Dir für Deine mögliche Unterstützung, Anregungen oder Kritik.

Call us, write us an email if you want advice, support or information about queer life. We thank you for your possible support, suggestions or criticism.

Mail: schwule {at}
Counseling: trans {at} // beratungschwule {at}
Phone: +49 (0)30. 83 90 91-18 (nur während der Beratungszeiten erreichbar, Email ist besser)
Facebook: Schwulenreferat im AStA FU
Counseling hours: Tuesday 11-12h, Thursday 11-12h and by appointment. Please note the current information on the homepage. During the semester break the counselling takes place irregularly.