AStA - The General Student Committee

The AStA is the core of the student administration and is located at Otto-von-Simson-Str. 23 (the colourful villa opposite Mensa II). The AStA currently consists of 13 departments, each with 3 representatives and is accountable to the student parliament and the student general assembly. The AStA is financed by the students themselves: 7.90 Euro per semester go to the Student Parliament from the several hundred Euro you have paid in. With this money, the AStA takes care of "the current business of the student body" according to § 18 BerlHG. This includes, for example, enabling the formation of opinions within the student group, taking a stand on university or science policy issues, promoting political education and the readiness of students to actively tolerate and stand up for basic and human rights, as well as looking after the cultural, professional, economic and social interests of students.

Furthermore, the AStA has the right to speak and make proposals in all university committees, such as the Academic Senate, and maintains contact with the student council initiatives and the student council coordination.

In addition, the AStA provides a range of free (legal) consultation services, and student initiatives can apply for various infrastructural facilities and financial support.

The AStA Villa

AStA Villa

If you are interested in the political work of the AStA and need information about events, your studies, student loans, housing, jobs, etc., then Otto-von-Simson-Straße 23 is the right address. If you come to the villa and look left into the office, you will always find a person who is happy to take care of you and answer your questions to the best of their knowledge. If there is nobody around, you can take a seat on the comfortable sofa. In the vestibule you will always find the latest news and reports about the most important events at the university and you will also find the current consulting hours and event information. On the one hand, we want to improve study conditions, on the other hand, we want to create free space for us and all other students in which the daily routine of compulsory attendance and memorization and also the anonymity at a mass university can be broken through.

Departments and plenary sessions

The AStA consists of thirteen departments. Each department has its own working area. Three representatives are elected by the StuPa for each department. The autonomous departments are elected by their respective status group.

At the weekly plenary sessions held during the lecture period, further political work is discussed and advice is also given on which projects are to be supported in terms of content and funding.

Project support

The AStA provides financial support for emancipatory university-related projects upon application. In addition, there is the possibility to print and copy at our place and to borrow our bus.

You can find more information in the section Financing or to borrow the bus here. Information about our print shop and how you can use it can be found here.